Brand activation is a relatively new term used in the industry that is best summarized as this:
strategic integrated marketing campaigns launched in a seamless, focused approach
versus a series of disconnected, short-term knee-jerk reactionary marketing tactics.

Many package Brand Activation in the category of experiential marketing, street marketing, old
school ‘guerilla marketing’ (totally dating myself here) and other forms of non-traditional out-of-the-box

Brand Activation is really about giving consumers the ability to experience your brand’s products or services
in a way that connects them with your brand leaving them with positive favorable opinion and a deeper
impression from personal interaction/first hand order experience. Then, as brand ambassadors they spread
their opinions to their friends, family, co-workers, etc. In other words, they are the TRIGGER for word-of-mouth
advertising and building loyalty campaigns!

Experiential marketing, on the other hand, is the original term for Brand Activation and may allow brands to
interact with their products, however, the aims are not necessarily marketing claims related and the experience
doesn’t need to build connection, but merely to sell at times.

Bottom line, this is all RUBBISH. Marketers are just trying to find fancy ways of saying our marketing does more
for your company and your products.

Yes, Brand Activation should be about building trust with our brand and proving that marketing messages are
true and that the brand’s product advertising are thru by first-hand touching/experiencing the product. Great!

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