BROEKMAN communications has over 16 years experience in development and managing successful blast email campaigns. With roots in utilizing numerous blast email programs including Bronto, Constant Contact, MyEmma and MailChimp, I understand the keys to delivery.

Steps to a successful program:

STEP 1. Strategy: Have a Plan!

1. Discuss Key Messages
2. Define Call(s) to Action
3. Decide which audience(s)


STEP 2. Creative Development

1. Design concept – show proof to team
2. Draft 2  – after soliciting feedback, give round 2 a go!
3. Final approval
4. Proofread- get some external eyes to avoid easy mistakes and uncover the obvious missing information (RSVP date, phone number, email, etc.).


STEP 3: Target Audiences/Email List Development

1. Export your emails from your Microsoft Office, Apple Address Book or your database program
2. Remove all those who will opt out or have already in prior program! (or create an Opt-In email to see if they want to accept info from you)
3. Finalize audience with your key decision makers and leadership
4. Import your email lists from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program
5. Revise email list – remove errors! comb thru list and fix errors


STEP 4: Deployment using MyEmma or Constant Contact

1. Jeremy to take CREATIVE from STEP ONE and Code and Embed as JPEGs into the body of the email
2. Test email to small team of Key Leader to ensure data/creative integrity
3. Test Email to Key Managers – for errors and omissions
4. Assign appropriate list(s)
5. Manually send out company wide email using Emma
6. Manually send out MASS EMAIL using Emma


STEP 5: Reaction/Communication/Customer Service

1. In advance, prepare your company or organization for a flow of emails or phone calls in response to your email!
2. Manage communication of all those interested in more info, sales opptys, donations, etc.
3. Customer Service on call
4. FAQ for dealing with just about anything…. think about potential responses in advance and be prepared


STEP 6: Results/Reporting/Outcomes

1. Jeremy produces topline email blast report and send out to managers list
2. Produce reports of visitation to our website – via StatCounter and Google Analytics Report – Total Users (New vs Returning) plus Length of TimeSales Report  – 5 – 7 days AFTER a blast email to track the following:
– Foot Traffic
– Sales calls
– Quotes
– Closings

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact