Ever wanted to learn how to do basic HTML and learn the principles that will empower you to manage your own website or blog. Don’t necessary want all the responsibility, but would love to learn the principles of managing?

Well Jeremy Broekman has just the right amount of patience to teach just about anyone how to overcome their fear of BREAKING THE CODE and learning the principles of managing it.

As part of our engagements in website development, we always try to teach our clients the principles so that when errors happen things can be fixed pretty easily with a basic understanding.

Interested? Use our contact form and we’ll let know you when the next class fills up!!!

COURSES can be conducted online using Join.me, GoToMeeting screen-sharing technology combined with a conference call!
OR if you are local to Greater Los Angeles or Orange County, Broekman can be met in person!

COURSES include

How to Use WORDPRESS $85.00/hour
Basics of html – $85.00/hour
2-hour private one-on-one session $150.00 flat fee
Private training for marketing & communication department – prices range per person
Beginners Crash course – $275-
Intermediate Crash course (have basic skills, but want to go to next level) – $350-
Become a Website Developer (ready for the whole lot!) – $850-


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