Since 2000, BROEKMAN communications has been delivering marketing firepower, brand strategy and promotional might for corporate identity campaigns.

Since 2000, we’ve successfully created  brand management programs, identity campaigns, creative platforms and style guides.

We understand that our clients sometimes need guidance, copy, messaging & direction – the plan; and others, they need the deliverables and marketing collateral. We listen to what you want and deliver what you need.

Producing top notch design work and execute campaign concepts is just part of the big picture. We just make things happen with our infectious enthusiasm, our will to to immediate action and our passion to serve. We Tap creativity and Export identity while Manifesting brand strategy & marketing initiatives.

With my background in sales, marketing, advertising, publicity, public relations, etc. I provide major backbone and foundation to marketing & communication departments to enable them to develop a real creative platform. From here, we spring board and leapfrog ahead!


  • Discuss Business Development.
  • Who are we targeting? Who are our customers? Past? Present? Who do we want our customer to be? What’s the DNA of that individual?
  • Discuss strategies and marketing avenues.
  • Develop Logo and style guide with different variations and uses ranging from email, web, print, social media, powerpoints, badgets and more!
  • Develop Business Collateral. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and website landing page.
  • Business Development Collateral. Listing Presentation. PowerPoints. Slideshare account & presentation. Online Brochures. Sales collateral.
  • New Website or rebranding.
  • Develop social media campaigns – FACEBOOK fanpage, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. We’ll find the right mix of tools that fit your approach to your target audience.
  • Marketing Collateral – Brochures, Postcards, Sell sheets, Flyers, Catalogs, CD/DVD artwork.
  • Develop Direct Mail program.
  • Develop Blast Email campaigns.
  • Develop PR Collateral – Press Kits, EPKs, PR campaigns.


I can single-handedly build the logo, build the direct mail program, send it out, manage twelve of them through the year, manage a sales call center to follow up on that mailer, produce ROI reports, and deliver a thorough report on it.

  • Strategize and build business development / lead generation plan.
  • Formalize business structure.
  • Build identity campaign from scratch. Print and Web.
  • Build Sales, Marketing & PR Plans.
  • Build business development program.
  • Hire and Train Staff.
  • Execute marketing strategies.
  • Manage design and print and web.
  • Manage advertising. Internal and outsource.
  • Manage and execute sales strategies.
  • Manage PR.
  • Work with board of directors. Leadership role.
  • Manage reporting.

What are the advantages of working with me versus the competition?

  • People work with me because of my personality.
  • People work with me because they KNOW I am talented (execution just validates)
  • People work with me because they know that I follow through and can help them execute things that take them so long to accomplish
  • Marketing guy first along with creative guy
  • People work with me because I have a track record
  • I have a toolbox and skills that are flexible with any industry, company – I morph and adjust myself to their needs
  • People work with me because of my top 10 values
  • Traditional business man with out of the box creative mix
  • Balance between Integrity/Hard-working and Creative
  • Loyalty/Respect… they know they will be taken care of “Got your back”
  • Confidence/Charisma/Humor – in addition to being very real (New York tough, LA cool, good values, chill guy, yet professional)
  • Help people create their legacies and their legends
  • Knowledge/Intellect – got a really great toolbox
  • Connection – I survey them and I get them, I tap into what they want, Sometimes takes time to nurture, but when I build, I build….
  • Comfort – Easy to work with
  • Responsible – very. Work long on underpromising and overdelivering
  • Worth – establishing value for clients

RATES & PROGRAMS – Please use the contact form below and we’ll be happy to do a free consultation and give you a proposal based on your preliminary scope of work!